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Drum n' Dress, Night of Fashion & Music at the Museum

About the Event: Drum n' Dress, A Night of Music & Fashion in the Museum Spend an evening at Beit Hatfutsot, drink beer, and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment. Swing to the music of Ran Salman, visit our fabulous fashion & music exhibitions, join the Q&A event with our special guests: Sabbo,Tal Beck, Roza Sinaysky, Galit Reismann, Orli Tesler and many more. We will end with an extraordinary live performance by The Orions. Explore all our night in the museum has to offer: - How are your dreams woven and what are they made of? Explore Dream Weavers, an amazing exhibition about the designers and producers of fashion, who thread stories and weave dreams. - Come and explore the unspoken story of Amy Winehouse. Discover Amy through a selection of her personal items like her guitar, record collection and iconic outfits. This exhibition celebrates her passion for music, fashion, London and her family.

- Meet Danielle Keller, jewerly designer - Meet Tesler+ Mendelovitch, textile design and development team - Meet Sabbo, producer/DJ based in Tel Aviv. - Meet Roza Sinaysky, fashion stylist and journalist - Meet Galit Reismann, founder of TLVStyle Boutique Fashion Tours And more & more & more...

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