Drum n' Dress, Night of Fashion & Music at the Museum

About the Event: Drum n' Dress, A Night of Music & Fashion in the Museum Spend an evening at Beit Hatfutsot, drink beer, and enjoy a wide variety of entertainment. Swing to the music of Ran Salman, visit our fabulous fashion & music exhibitions, join the Q&A event with our special guests: Sabbo,Tal Beck, Roza Sinaysky, Galit Reismann, Orli Tesler and many more. We will end with an extraordinary live performance by The Orions. www.facebook.com/orionsband Explore all our night in the museum has to offer: - How are your dreams woven and what are they made of? Explore Dream Weavers, an amazing exhibition about the designers and producers of fashion, who thread stories and weave dreams. - Come and explore the unspoken story of Amy Winehouse. Discover Amy through a selection of her personal items like her guitar, record collection and iconic outfits. This exhibition celebrates her passion for music, fashion, London and her family.

- Meet Danielle Keller, jewerly designer - Meet Tesler+ Mendelovitch, textile design and development team - Meet Sabbo, producer/DJ based in Tel Aviv. - Meet Roza Sinaysky, fashion stylist and journalist - Meet Galit Reismann, founder of TLVStyle Boutique Fashion Tours And more & more & more...

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