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Nehara Dance Group @ Suzanne Dellal

About the Event: Nehara @ Suzzane Dellal

7:30pm - Backstage tour of Suzzane Dellal and behind the scenes of the Suzanne Dellal Center with Daniella Bloch, Artistic Director of Nehara Dance Group, and Q&A with Rachel Erdos, leading Israeli choreographer. We will be treated to a special musical performance by famous Israeli singer, Sharon Roter, who also performs in the show.

9pm - Nehara Dance Premier of "Draft" by Rachel Erdos on the main stage of the Suzanne Dellal Center

"Drafts" by Rachel Erdos is a piece dealing with prayer. It touches on our relationship with prayer books, the written word, praying by rote vs. by intuition and how we pray one thing out loud but often have many things simultaneously praying inside of our heads and hearts.

10pm - Post show wine l'chaim with the dancers at the Suzanne Dellal Center.

About the Artist: Nehara Dance Group

Nehara Dance Group is a company comprised of professional, religiously observant female dancers who aspire to create a bridge between the professional dance world and the Jewish world, and introduce a new dimension of dance and creativity to the religious and secular sectors.

The interface between the religious Jewish world and artistic world and the experiences that grow out of these encounters are what inspire Nehara.

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