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Tziporela @ Tzafta Theater

About the Event: Tziporela Worldwide

After nearly a decade of sold-out performances around the world, indie theatre troupe Tziporela is proud to present its American premiere with their latest production, Odd Birdz. Inventively weaving together movement, music, physical theatre, and outrageous comedy, this unique show creates an evening of hilarious entertainment that transcends barriers of language, culture, and age. Created by the “most inventive performance ensemble around,” the 8 versatile members of this award-winning company met 12 years ago at Israel’s top acting studio and have been collaborating ever since. Together they have written, directed, designed, choreographed, and produced countless innovative theatrical experiences. Whether you are 13 or 100, Odd Birdz will lift your spirit and leave you laughing so hard your cheeks hurt!

Our special Tel Aviv bon voyage show will include cocktails and Q&A with the cast after the show for Tel Aviv Arts Council young patrons only.

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