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History of Israeli Photography @ Shpilman Institute

About the Event: The History of Israeli Photography

7:15pm - Arrival 7:30pm - Introduction to the Shpilman Institute of Photography 8:00pm - Interactive lecture by Yair Barak, " The History of Israeli Photography" 9:00pm - Wine & refreshments 9:30pm -10:30pm, guided tour of SIP's exclusive collection & current exhibition

In our talk, Yair Barak, photographer, visual artist and a senior lecturer will suggest a local history of photography, starting at the very early days of the medium to its contemporary discourse.

The history of the medium in Israel represents in many ways, the core of the local historiography as well as the roots of the long lasting conflict. During the lecture we will look into the colonial era of photography in Palestine beginning with the early 1900's, followed by the founding of the State in the mid 20th century, and up until the critical artistic photography of the 80's and the 90's in Israel.

About the Venue: Shpilman Institute of Photography

The SIP was founded in 2010 as a nonprofit organization by Mr. Shalom Shpilman, as part of his diverse philanthropic activities in the field of photography. The SIP’s main areas of activity combine educational-academic research and museal exhibitions. As an integral part of the community, the SIP offers a stage for encounters between professionals in the photographic field and the general public, and promotes discussions and studies of the medium’s historical, theoretical, philosophic, and artistic aspects.

The SIP employs a team of first-rate professionals, engaged in curatorship, research, planning, and coordinating its varied activities. These include academic collaborations, theme-based exhibitions, conferences, workshops, tours, publications, and more. (The photos above come from SIP's permanent collections, "The Gleaners - Ruth & Naomi" by Adi Nes & "The Burning Bush" by Ohad Matalon)

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