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Maria Kong Dancers & Art Combustion Party

About the Event: Art Combustion Party

Our event with the Maria Kong Dancers is a gathering to celebrate art in its many faces. Artists of all disciplines will gather in one space to expose and share their craft with you. Live music, dance, installation, video, photography, painting, and much more…

We invite you to experience up close the unique and unforgettable magic of this combustion of art party. One free drink for all and a heavily discounted bar afterwards. Oh, and the party will be shoeless, so come prepared to disrobe your feet!

Here is a taste:

About the Artists: Maria Kong Dancers

Maria Kong was founded in Israel, in 2008 by four dancers and creators, all former members of the Batsheva Dance Company. Maria Kong fuses artistic vision with intense team work.

Maria Kong’s debut performance, Fling, took place on September 2009 and was received with enthusiasm by the Israeli audience. Miss Brazil, the Company’s second production, which debuted in October 2010 in Jerusalem, was also well received and subsequently performed in the 2010 Tel Aviv Dance Festival (Suzanne Dellal). In October 2011 Kong’s Night premiered in the Tel-Aviv (Suzanne Dellal). In 2012 Maria Kong premiered its 4th full production, Open Source.

In 2012 the company was invited to the world largest printing exhibition DRUPA 2012, and successfully performed the creation Nano Time in front of an audience of 30,000 people.

Today the company includes 6 performer-creators and an artistic team of costume, stage, light, music, video and sound designers. Having grown to become a multi-disciplinary environment, the Maria Kong team produces unique experimental projects; Still Motion - moving statues project & Mi Casa Su Casa Multi disciplinary art evenings inviting artists from all disciplines to take part in an experience that will not be forgotten.

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