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ArtStation @ Tel Aviv Fashion Week w/Emerging Artists

An Evening with Emerging Israeli Artists

"Sleeping In Our Beds"

Conversations with the Curators & Artists

Performance Art & Party with DJ Eran Hollander

Date: Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 8:00pm-11:00pm Venue: ArtStation Gallery, Cabin 14, HaTachana

During Tel Aviv Fashion Week

About the Show: Sleeping In Our Beds

The group exhibition presents the works of 14 young and kicking Israeli artists, who respond wittily and keenly to the chaotic reality that has been surrounding us lately.

Sleeping in Our Beds is a contemporary and precise exhibition, expressing the wholehearted emotions of the generation of young and promising artists, in regards to our economic, defense, and global condition as individuals and as a group, from a personal, honest and creative perspective. The exhibition wants to explore the response of the participating artists and to ponder over the individual mechanisms driving them to act, create, and perform in Israel’s recent uneasy everyday reality.

Some of the artists chose to focus on the optimistic side of their daily routines, such as promising photographer Sharon Derhy, who decided to photograph her 3-year old daughter in a daily life scene. As opposed to Derhy, some artists attempt to invent a new order and produce an alternate reality, for instance, Ori Levin, who hides the Dome of the Rock by an optical illusion using a mirror in a video art work; Adi Dulza, who attempts to produce systematic legality in the everyday arbitrariness; and Ruth Oppenheim, who presents her own escapism in photographs from the Bedouin village where she lives. The work of Yael Frank, whose name inspired the title of the exhibition, is an installation work in which the expression "sleeping in our beds", hidden under layers of silver paper clippings used to celebrate Carnivals, is exposed by the wind of an industrial fan scattering the papers all over.

Among the artists participating in the exhibition, most of them are young and all of them are gifted; some are recent graduates of different art academies: Orly Montag, Ori Levin, Doron Fishbain, Dror Karta, Daria Segal, Hinda Weiss, Jonathan Goldman, Israel Eliahu, Yael Frank, Adi Dulza, Rona Stern, Ruth Oppenheim, Shira Sagol, and Sharon Derhy.

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